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The White Wolf

Winter has come and the war between the living and the dead will not end swiftly. We have cast aside the differences between Crow and Wildling, bastard and trueborn, Northerner or Southerner, to fight a common enemy.

We have seen that we cannot survive the Long Night divided. Unity is a necessity to meet the challenge of our time, but it is only the beginning.

“The Long Night is coming, and the dead come with it."



Roving bands on the King’s Road couldn’t prevent your votes from being counted. Results are in from across the Realm.

Week of august 8TH

1,666,642 BALLOTS CAST

Daenerys Targaryen32%

32% Complete

Breaker of Chains

With Tyrion Lannister
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Jon Snow35%

35% Complete

The White Wolf

With lyanna mormont
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Cersei Lannister2%

2% Complete

The Lioness

With Qyburn
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Petyr Baelish31%

31% Complete

Lord Littlefinger

With Sansa Stark
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Campaign Song

From deep within the rich musical subculture of King’s Landing, flute powered Valyrian Steel has stepped forward to gift a valiant battle cry dedicated to the official GOT Party nominee and running mate — an Ode to Snow.


Winter has come, but the Long Night is just beginning. Prepare yourself and rally your bannermen with four different ways to support the cause. Choose your pledge level.

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